Monday, 9 May 2016

Momma Knows Best - Best Beauty Advice from Mom

Hey lovelies, I hope everyone had a good weekend. Yesterday was mother’s day in America, Canada and probably some parts of the West. I feel like every day should be Mother’s day, every mother should be loved, celebrated and appreciated every single day. My mummy is everything to me; she’s the pillar that holds my family up, she’s my confidant, my greatest motivator, my role model, my friend, my mum gives me the best beauty advice. I could go on and on but there are not enough words to describe or explain what she is and has been and will always be to me and my family. So in honor of Mother’s day (which should be everyday), I will be listing some beauty advice that my mum has given me over the years.

Momma Knows Best - Best Beauty Advice from Mom
Here they are, the best beauty advice from Mom:

  • Wash your face every morning and night: Her advice is actually to take a bath every morning and night but if for some reason I don’t take a bath twice daily, I must always wash my face morning and night so as to prevent any skin problems that germ or dirt buildup may cause.

  • Oil your scalp: I have dry scalp and my mum would always drum it into my ears to oil my scalp often. Most times I just skip doing it to avoid the “unnecessary stress” (or so I thught) but over time, I have realized that keeping my scalp moisturized relieves my itchy scalp, reduces flakes and even promotes hair growth. I guess momma was right after all *bows head in shame*

  • Drink lots of water: This is one of her favorite remedies for complaints….

Me: I am dizzy
Mummy: Drink water
Me: I am tired
Mummy: Drink water
Me: I am hungry
Mummy: Drink water....
Me: Huh?
Mummy: ....And then eat something

  • Stop pulling your eyelashes, you’ll soon end up having none left: For the longest time, I have had this (in my mum’s words) nasty habit of pulling out my eyelashes. Oh my gosh guys, it has this painful yet sweet sensation to it, if you know what I mean (eeerrmm….I guess not). Anyways, my mum would always yell whenever she saw my hands on my eyes, in fact if I knew she was in a room, I would go to a different one just so that I could go about my lash pulling business in peace. She always warned that if I continued, I would be left with no lashes. Over time, I realized that my lashes weren’t growing back as quickly and as thick as they used to, I immediately dropped the habit and got myself a lash serum.

  • Smile: This she still hammers into my ears. 

I love you mummy, may God always bless, protect and keep you and may God always guide and protect all the mothers and mother figures in our lives. 

Okay guys, feel free to share any and every beauty advice/tip that you have received from your mum or mother figure. Wishing you all happy new week, thank you for stopping by, xoxo.


  1. Lol, no 3 had me laughing. Lovely post. My mum introduced me to night creams and I never miss applying my night cream before I go to bed.

    1. Thanks dear. That's awesome advice, momma really knows best

    2. Lol, lovely post. I swear mothers are just the best dunno what I'll do without my mum. I can be soo lazy sometimes that I sleep with my makeup on, my mum always hammers that I wash my face and moisturize :)

    3. Your mum is so right, sleeping with makeup on is a no no. Thank you for stopping by, xoxo.

    4. Hahaha. Your mum sounds like mine. Anyhoo, mum always advices to wash my makeup brushes overtime.

    5. Always wash your face when you come back weather you put on makeup or not, cause of all the dust and invisible particles that would have gotten on your face.

    6. Awesome advice, thank you for stopping by, xx.


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