Friday, 1 April 2016

Makeup Product Essentials for beginners

Happy April Fool's day guys, this post may even be a prank for all you know....I hope everyone is doing great. Today, I will be sharing some makeup product essentials for beginners. You can’t go on social media without coming across a makeup company or beauty guru trying to sell you a product that is supposedly 'the best out there'. With gazillion beauty products within reach, it can be confusing to know what products to invest in especially if you are new to the makeup scene.  So whether you are just starting out to do makeup on yourself or professionally, I’ll list some makeup product essentials for beginners to give ideas on where and how to start building your kit.
Makeup Product Essentials for beginners

Primer:  A primer will help your makeup go on smoothly and stay on longer. It is important to understand your skin type and what exactly you want a primer to do for you before choosing one. For people with oily skin, its best to go for a mattifying one, for people with dry skin, its best to go for hydrating primers while people with large pores should go for blurring ones.
Makeup Product Essentials for beginners

Foundation: This helps to even out the skin tone for a more flawless complexion. There is a large variety of foundations so before choosing a foundation, understanding your skin type and what you want out of the foundation is also key to making a better choice when picking one.
Makeup Product Essentials for beginners

Concealer: From cleaning makeup mistakes, to camouflaging blemishes, to highlighting, this product is a multi-tasker and a must have in any kit.
Makeup Product Essentials for beginners

Powder: This helps to set foundation and concealer and lock your makeup in place, prevents creasing and product from sliding around the face.

Eyebrow pencil/filler/gel: The brows are noticed first on the face, if your brows aren't well groomed or shaped, everyone sees it first, so doing the brows is an essential step in makeup application.
Makeup Product Essentials for beginners

Mascara: This is an important product when it comes to eye makeup application. Depending on the one you buy, it can lengthen, voluminize or curl your lashes, giving your eye makeup a more complete look. Getting a black mascara is best as it is more universal.
Makeup Product Essentials for beginners

Eyeliner: Eyeliners come in different forms…liquid, pencil and gel. As a beginner, I would suggest starting with pencil eyeliner as it easier to work with. After you have mastered working with a pencil, you can move on to working with gels and liquids.

Blush: The face becomes plain after applying face makeup (foundation, concealer, powder), using blush brings back some flush of color to the face, thereby complementing the whole look. It is best to choose a blush color that complements and matches your skin tone.
Makeup Product Essentials for beginners

Lipstick/Lip gloss: Whatever your fancy may be, lipsticks and/or glosses add color and shine to your lips.
Makeup Product Essentials for beginners

Eyeshadow palette or quad: Not every beginner delves into eyeshadow immediately but if you must, I suggest going for palettes or quads with neutral tones to start out with and then progress into much more deeper tones as you get more comfortable working with shadows.

I hope this post was helpful, wishing you a happy new month. Thank you for stopping by, xoxo.



  1. I need a primer.. And I have only skin.. What product should I get?

    1. There are a bunch of mattifying primers out there, a more budget friendly alternative can be using the Philips milk of magnesia as a face primer but brands like becca, smashbox, too faced, benefit make really good oil control primers


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