Thursday, 18 February 2016

I betcha didn't know - Beauty and Makeup hacks, tips & tricks

Can we please talk about this weather or naahh??? O.M.Freaking.G!!! The song that comes to mind these days is I’m Burning up, I’m burning up by Chaka Chaka…my siblings and I used to love that song as kids, Sigh! Good 'ol days…....enough with the reminiscing and back to my heat rant. This heat has got me all confused like….Who am I? Why am I here? Why do we need clothes? I can’t sleep comfortably, I can’t wake up comfortably, I can’t makeup in peace and even putting up this post was a struggle. Fix it Jesus!!!

Okay, rant over…now onto the business of the day. Today, I am going to share some random beauty and makeup hacks, tips and tricks that I have personally tried and that work. These are beauty and makeup hacks, tips and tricks that I stumbled on at different times through reading, experience or just by chance. So here they are..
Beauty and Makeup hacks, tips and tricks

  • Having pencil eye liner problems? Probably the liner isn’t pigmented enough or it just doesn’t go on smoothly… I have got just the beauty trick for you. You can freeze or heat up your eyeliner for easier use, heat it up by using hot air from your hair drier just for a few seconds or by passing it over a lighter once. By applying a bit of heat to your pencil, it gives it more of a gel liner feel and it applies really smoothly. Then if your pencil eyeliner doesn’t go on smoothly and is flaky as you apply, try freezing it before you use it, it is going to go on smoothly and without flaking.

Beauty and Makeup hacks, tips and tricks

  • This is such a random one guys but it actually works……baby powder for fuller lashes and I have got the side by side pictures to prove it! I have this really horrible habit of picking my lashes, so this beauty hack disguises the bald spot I often have in between my lashes.This is how it works, apply mascara to your lashes, then using a cotton bud, pick up some baby powder and dab on your lashes till all lashes are well coated with baby powder, then apply some coats of mascara and you have it! Fuller lashes!

Beauty and Makeup hacks, tips and tricks
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  • The anti perspirant fix. If you thought anti perspirants are made for just the armpits, think again. Sometimes when it’s hot and I have my legs crossed for a while, sweat starts to trickle down my thighs. To prevent that, I spray or rub a clear anti perspirant deodorant between my thighs. This beauty tip/trick works; just spray or rub your deodorant where ever you sweat from whether it’s your armpit, between the thighs, behind the knees, under the boobs, even under your feet if you sweat from there.

Beauty and Makeup hacks, tips and tricks

  • Using your mascara as eye liner. Say you’re all out of eye liner or for some reason you just cannot reach your eyeliner (because these things happen). Here’s a beauty tip, grab your mascara, using a liner pencil take some product from the mascara wand and apply to your eyes and voila!! You gorrit!!!

Beauty and Makeup hacks, tips and tricks

Do you know any beauty tips and/or tricks, feel free to share in the comment section below. Till my next post, stay hydrated. I wouldn’t want anyone passing out in this heat; I love you for reading, xoxo.

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