Thursday, 21 January 2016

Tips and Tricks for using Lip Balm

Hello my people, I hope everyone is doing great, thank you for stopping by. Today, I bring you some tips and tricks for using lip balm. When you think of the uses of a lip balm, all of them have to do with the lips, I mean it is called a LIP balm after all but what if I told you that the lip balm can be used for a lot more and in a lot more ways than just for the lips. So here are a few tips and tricks for using  lip balm.
different and unconventional uses of lip balm

Makeup remover: You know how when you’re trying to get the perfect cat liner and somehow you mess up the line? Yeah, happens even to the best of us Well, don’t fret for where there is lip balm, there is a way out. Get some lip balm on a Q tip and carefully wipe off or correct where the mistake is, it can also be used to wipe off  eye and lip makeup easily, just get some lip balm on  some cotton wool and wipe off eye and lip makeup gently.

Substitute for irritated nose caused by cold: When you have a cold, too much blowing can irritate, dry and sometimes lead to chapping of the nose or/and the skin around the nose. What I do when I don’t have any petroleum jelly around is, I run my finger over the lip balm and rub it on and around my nose. It helps in soothing those areas and it prevents irritation and chapping.

Tames stray brows: For those of us who have full brows, our brows can sometimes have a mind of their own and be all over the place, for those crazy days, simply apply a bit of balm to the brows (if you don’t have a brow gel) and use a spoolie or brow brush to smoothen it out and shape the brows, that will keep your brows tame and obedient.

Cuticle moisturizer:  For hard and dry cuticles, lip balm is a good temporary alternative to cuticle cream for keeping cuticles moisturized.

Tip: When using lip balm for anything else other than your lips, its best to use the plain, unflavored and unscented lip balms. 

In what other ways do you use the lip balm? Feel free to share. I hope you found this post helpful, see you in my next post, xoxo.

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