Tuesday, 5 January 2016

New Year.......New Beauty Resolutions

Happy New Year!!! Hello lovelies, welcome to 2016, I hope everyone had a good holiday season. The blog has a new look and I hope you like it, I thank God for his enduring love and mercies. I am wishing you a more fulfilling year and looking forward to a more fabulous, blessed year with you all.

With the new year comes new resolutions. So I came up with a few beauty routines which we often neglect but should work harder to incorporate into our routines this new year because they make all the difference in the appearance of our skin. Here are a few New Year's beauty resolution ideas...

  • 1.       Don’t go to bed with your makeup on: This is my ultimate beauty tip…Wash off your makeup every night before going to bed. I am not guilty of this at all but I know a lot of people are. Not removing your makeup properly before bed time makes your skin more prone to bacteria and also leads to the clogging of your pores which can result to pimples and some other skin conditions. And I know what some of you are thinking……but I  am too exhausted most nights to wash off my makeup. Well, in the case where you are really exhausted you can use a makeup wipe to completely and properly remove your makeup.

Tip: Keep the makeup wipes at your bedside, that way you don’t forget to take off your makeup and moisturize after.
  • 2.       Drink more water: This I am very guilty of, I don’t drink enough water, I am aware of that now and I am making a conscious effort to increase my daily water intake and so should you too. By drinking enough water your skin is moisturized, hydrated, cleansed and a lot of toxins are flushed away from your system which leads to clear, beautiful, glowing skin. Swap those fizzy and caffeinated drinks for water instead and your skin will love you for it.

  • 3.       Use sunscreen: Guilty again *bows head in shame* I am currently on the hunt for a good sunscreen lotion at the moment. The ozone layer is depleting and the skin needs protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Using a sunscreen protects the skin from these sun rays, sun burns and in turn prevents premature aging by shielding the skin from developing fine lines and wrinkles sooner. Sunscreen has also been proven to decrease the development of skin cancer, so it is very important not to skip this step in your beauty routine.

  • 4.       Keep your beauty/makeup tools and kits clean: Your makeup tools and kits can be breeding grounds for germs if they are not kept clean and that in turn can cause skin problems for your face. For professional use, wash your makeup tools every day after use, clean out your kit(s) weekly and for personal use, wash your tools weekly but disinfect in between uses.

  • 5.       Smile More: Even with all the beauty tips, always remember a smile is your best beauty accessory.

Thank you for stopping by today, I wish you the very best this new year. Till my next post, stay beautiful, xoxo.


  1. Check.. Check.. Check.. Check and check!!! :);)

  2. Haha yes o Lota: check, check, check, check and check for me too ;) :D useful post, Dobzi! Happy New Year to you too!

  3. Happy new year.no more make up pix ds year?

    1. Some makeovers will be uploaded on the blog but my Instagram and Facebook pages have a lot of makeovers on them, xx.


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