Friday, 18 December 2015

Ruby Kisses Matte Lipstick - Swatches and Review

Hey guys, how is everyone doing today? Thank you for stopping by. Today I am reviewing the Ruby Kisses Matte lipstick which has 24 shades in its range but I got just 4 shades to try out the brand so I will be sharing my thoughts on them as well as getting them swatched. I will also announce the winner of last week’s giveaway at the end of the post.

I got these lipsticks for $2.99 per tube, so it is price friendly

The Ruby Kisses Matte Lipsticks come in a black tube with transparent covers that have bands of the lipstick colours around the bottom of them, so you immediately see what colour you’re getting. I got the shades lilac, pink about it, vampire red and purple affair.

Purple Affair is a much darker shade of purple with a red undertone to it. As you can see from the picture, it leaves a bit of red colour round my lips. This is my favourite colour out of the other lipstick colours I got (I’m a sucker for darker lipstick shades) and this shade applies very smoothly and evenly without any fuss which is another plus.

Lilac is a light bright purple shade, more like a pastel purple shade. To get a smoother, more even finish from this shade, you need to put in a bit of work in the application. I found that the lighter shades were more patchy and did not distribute very evenly and needed more effort put into the application than the darker shades.  What I do when I’m not up for the extra work is mix this lipstick with another that has a creamier texture, that way it applies smoothly.

Vampire Red is a red shade. Personally, it’s not my favourite red shade, it’s not vampy in any way but this shade applies effortlessly and evenly. I applied it right from the tube and it just went on beautifully.

Pink About It, I didn't get a chance to swatch this shade, it is a pastel pink colour and just like lilac, it is patchy, infact more chalky than the lilac, so this is my least favourite from the other 3 but like i said with the lilac, mixing it with a different lipstick with a creamier texture works better.

These lipsticks come in vibrant colours and are really pigmented. Yeah, some colours are patchy but with a bit more effort put into the application and by also using lip pencils, they come out beautifully. I would recommend moisturizing the lips before using these lip colours, they are not very moisturizing. As for wearing time, I wore the purple affair once for 6 hours straight and it did not budge, so I will say it has pretty good wearing power. All in all, I would say these lipsticks are okay, I personally prefer the darker shades because as I said earlier, they apply easier and are not patchy. So I plan on getting more of the darker shades.

The winner from last week’s giveaway is Congratulations!! I will contact you with the delivery and pickup details. Thank you to everyone who participated, there’ll definitely be more giveaways to come, xoxo. Happy weekend!

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