Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Strobing vs Contouring.....Which would you rather?..

Hiya lovelies, welcome to a new week, I hope your weekend was relaxing. Meanwhile, have you heard that The Wedding Showcase (TWS) is going to be held this week in Enugu from the Thursday the 22nd-Sunday the 25th of this month? Super excited and you should be too.  For intending couples, brides, this is your one stop access to every vendor and service that you will need for your big day. On the 22nd and 23rd the Exhibition will be held in multi-purpose hall Golden Royale, Independence Layout from 10am -8pm (attendance is free),  on the 24th the workshop/seminars will be held in the Nelson Mandela hall, Golden Royale, on the 25th the Night of Lights/Fashion Runway will be held at the Dome Event Centre by 5.30pm. It’s going to be a really fun week guys, you don’t want to miss it. For more info, send an email to info@twsnigeria.com.

So, onto the business of the day, I’m talking about two big trends in the beauty industry at the moment – contouring and strobing. So what is strobing and what is contouring and what’s all the fuss about? Well…. I’ve got you covered…

“Contouring is giving shape to an area of the face and enhancing the facial structure through makeup” – Beau Nelson. Contouring has been a trend for a while, it basically means combining a mix of highlights (brighter shades) and low lights (darker shades) to enhance the natural features of the face and give a more chiseled look. Contouring accentuates the facial features and creates an illusion of shadow around your nose, cheeks, temples to give a more slimmed down and defined look.

Strobing is a good way to enhance glow and it’s a huge beauty craze at the moment, it is basically just highlighting without the contouring. It is a makeup technique in which a cream lighter than your skin colour or shimmery highlighter is applied on the high points of your face where light would naturally hit like the bridge of the nose, cheekbones and the cupids bow. The main point of strobing is to create a dewy effect and give the face a radiant, fresh, soft glow.

There are very subtle differences between these two huge beauty trends.
·         Contouring is using two shades (lighter and darker) to recede and pop facial features as required but strobing is using just highlighter to make facial features pop.
·         When you contour your face, you also highlight to balance out the look but strobing focuses exclusively on just highlighter, the use of dark powders is not involved; only the highlighter is used to accentuate features.

Which technique or look would rather? If you love the sculpted, more chiseled look then contouring is more your speed but if you love the fresh, dewy look then strobing is the route to go. As for me, I have to admit that when the craze of strobing started I was skeptical; I wasn’t sure how this technique would fit dark skin until I tried it and loved it!!! This highlighting technique if done correctly gives a fresh look and is a simpler technique than contouring. I also love the defined look that contouring gives but since I’m all about the faster route when doing my makeup, I go for strobing most of the time.

So let me know in the comment section which technique and which look you prefer. I’ll work on putting together a pictorial/tutorial on contouring and strobing when I find the time. I hope you enjoyed this post, thank you for stopping by, xoxo.



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