Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Cleaning your makeup brushes (Pictorial)

Hello lovelies, I hope you all enjoyed the public holidays. So I was in the process of cleaning/washing a few of my makeup brushes and I just decided to do a pictorial showing how I clean my makeup brushes. 

Cleaning makeup brushes and sponges is one of the most important things in any beauty routine and unfortunately, most people overlook this part of their beauty routine. Makeup brushes/tools in my opinion are investments, therefore we want to make sure we keep them around long enough and get the best out of them. It’s very important to keep your makeup brushes clean because believe it or not, if your makeup/beauty tools are not well cleaned and taken care of, they are a good breeding ground for germs and that can break you out, cause skin irritation, allergies, even give you the pink eye (eeek…Yep! That bad). So, I’ll run you through how I clean my makeup brushes.

·         A bowl
·         Baby shampoo (you can also use any mild shampoo/soap)
·         Paper towel
·         Olive oil
·         Brush egg
·         And of course not so clean makeup brushes and/or sponge(s)

First off, I pour some luke warm water (not hot) into the bowl, add some shampoo into it and work up some lather

Then I dip just the brush bristles (not the whole brush, you don’t want to loosen up the glue that holds the bristles/brush together) into the lather, then I swirl the brush on my brush egg(you can swirl in your palm if you don't have a brush egg). I change the water and make new lather in between washes.

Then I rinse under a running tap (you can also add some clean water into a bowl and swirl the brush bristles in it to rinse), then I reshape the brushes while damp.

Then for my beauty blender/sponges, I pour some luke warm water into a bowl, add some shampoo, work up some lather. I put my sponge in the lather to absorb some of it 

Then I gently massage the sponge, I repeat the process until the beauty blender/makeup sponge is clean. Change water and make new lather in between washes. 

After it’s clean, I rinse off all traces of lather from the makeup sponge/beauty blender, squeeze off excess water.

Then I air dry my brushes and sponge(s) on a towel or paper towel, clean brush handles with anti-bacterial wipes.

The steps above are for my regular brush cleaning. From time to time, I also deep clean my makeup and beauty tools. It’s basically the same process, the only difference is instead of adding shampoo into water, I mix two equal part olive oil and equal part baby shampoo and wash my brushes with it, then rinse and lay down to air dry. The olive oil serves as a conditioner for the brushes.

·         For personal use, you should disinfect brushes in-between use (I use rubbing alcohol for disinfecting) and wash weekly.
·         For professional use, you should disinfect brushes in between clients for the day and wash at the end of every day.

Tip: Air dry your makeup brushes in a cool room, do not sun dry.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope this post was helpful. I will write a review on the brush egg sometime this week, so don’t go too far ;)  xoxo.



  1. Hi Ada! I love your post and you cleaning procedures. They are so easy and really helpful. Thanks a lot for the cleaning ideas:)

  2. This is so simple and effective that I wonder how I didn't think of it myself. I will do this little magic as soon as possible.Thank you, Ada! You made my life a little easier! :)

    1. I'm glad I could help, thank you for stopping by


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