Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Celebrating Our Very Own - Jane Ogu

Hello guys, I hope everyone’s doing great. I, on the other hand am excited about this post. This is a new category on the blog titled “Celebrating Our Very Own” which is aimed at celebrating and getting to know a bit about top beauty professionals who impact the influence, elevate and shape the beauty industry in our country Nigeria. So, the very first feature on this category is *drum roll please* Jane Ogu(flawless faces by Jane) of MUD cosmetics who has worked with the likes of Genevieve Nnaji, Chi Gurl, Tania Omotayo and a lot others. So, I got in contact with her, asked her a few questions and she sent in her answers and some pictures. See below…

Dobzi: Please give us some basic information about yourself eg what you do, where you are based, how long you’ve been in the beauty industry, accomplishments etc..
Jane: Am a makeup artiste /beauty instructor, I am based in Lagos. About how long I’ve been in the industry…....well, I learnt make up in 2006 right after secondary school, I practiced for about 3 years and was also modeling then went to the University, then came back full time about 2 years ago….So I can say about 8 years now.
Accomplishments? Because of my kind of person I always do not count these things, I always want more…So I have not accomplished anything yet….Maybe one day I can answer that question. 

 Dobzi: How did you get started as a makeup artist?
 Jane:  From secondary school in my final year we were always asked what we wanted to do or become in life and my answer was always a MAKE UP ARTISTE... So after secondary school I went to a makeup school called Jolie Makeup Academy. She was amazing, she gave me my basic foundation as an artiste.

Dobzi: What are 3 of your favourite cosmetic brands?
Jane:  MUD Cosmetics, NYX , Black Up.

Dobzi: What beauty trend(s) are you loving at the moment? 
Jane: Natural makeup…..Clean, fresh and flawless looks.

Dobzi: What piece(s) of advice would you give struggling/upcoming makeup artists?
Jane: For  advice.....I can only say spend more time on yourself, understanding your pattern and skills and give yourself time to grow….Do not rush it.

Dobzi: What have been the high point(s) of your career so far?
Jane: Highest point so far……Hmmmm, maybe when I did make up for a movie I guess... It was super challenging but also the best feeling for me.

Dobzi: Who was your very first celebrity client? 
Jane: Been thinking about this question since I saw it…..My first celebrity client….I have forgotten oo... But I have worked with a lot of celebrities.. 

Dobzi: What would you say are some of the challenges/frustrations you face as a pro makeup artist?
Jane: I don’t have frustrations. I only want the economy to be better.

Dobzi: If you’re only allowed to have  ONE in your personal kit, which would it be….. Blush or bronzer and why?
Jane: Bronzer all my life please.. I love to glow.

Dobzi: Can you spend your last kobo on makeup?
Jane: Yes!  I can spend my last cash on makeup…It probably gave me the money anyway.

Dobzi: What does beauty mean to you?
Jane: Beauty to me is anything that lifts your soul up and makes you look better, beauty is anything that lets the real you shine through.

If you have questions that you would like to ask your favourite celebrity makeup artists/beauty professionals or anything you would like them to know, send an email to dobzifingers@gmail.com
Thank you for stopping by,till next time, xoxo.


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