Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Product Review - Cinema Secrets Ultimate Foundation Primer

The holiday season is officially upon us, happy December guys!!! The harmattan is definitely stronger now, in other words, tis the season to moisturize, moisturize and moisturize. I have a product review up today and it is on the Cinema Secrets Ultimate Foundation Primer.

I purchased the cinema secrets foundation palette a while back and as a bonus, the foundation primer was added to my purchase. Considering that I am the lab rat for my new products, I tried the primer on myself first.

Product Decsription:
  • Just a touch fills in fine lines and wrinkles, prevents collagen breakdown and creates a silky finish for flawless foundation application
  • Oil free
  • Fortified with antioxidants, vitamins and skin enrichers
  • Fills in lines and wrinkles
  • Creates smooth surface for foundation
  • Prevents collagen breakdown
  • Apply a thin layer before foundation for a smooth, flawless finish.

Dobzi's Thoughts:

I used this primer for my day to day makeup application and honestly, I was not impressed by it. I did not feel like it did anything for my makeup application, it did not control my oil at all and worse than that, I broke out after using it for the 1st time. In my opinion, it’s just an average primer, nothing exceptional about it.

Would I recommend it?
Based on my reaction to this product and my experience with it, no I would not recommend it.

Have you used this primer? Did it work  for you? What is/are your favourite primer(s)?
I hope this review was helpful, if you have any questions and/or inquiries, drop a comment in the comment section below or send an email to dobzifingers@gmail.com. Thank you for stopping by, xoxo.


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  1. Hey luv,just found your blog..i must say u're doin a great job..
    I ve given up on primers...d last I used was tara mattifying primer and to say the least,i was disappointed...Incase u can recommend any good primer,pls reach me on joychinwe00@gmail.com...thanks dear...i've bookmarked ur blog officially


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